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Rules applied on this forum
We do not have many rules, the rules we do have are the same for every user of this forum.This includes registered users, moderators, super moderators and administrators. The rules are subject to change if the situation requires the the owner to do so. Please read the rules and act accordantly. The breach of these rules may result in the deletion of your account.

01:          Abuse or discrimination of any kind to fellow members on this forum is strictly prohibited.
You do not have to agree to the contents of a post, and you may express your disagreement in a reply to the concerning post, but keep your comment clean and respectful. Stay on topic.

02:          We do not allow pornographic material of any kind on this forum.
This rule needs no explanation, if you break this rule, your account will be deleted with no notification.

03:          We do not allow spam  on this forum. 
Although we have a spam filter, it is not possible to divert all spam accounts, (spammers are getting more clever everyday.) Should you come across a post that contains spam please report this to one of our staff members or send a  Mail to the owner of the forum.

04:          All contents of this forum automatically become the property of this forum and may be subject to change.
Please be very careful what you place on the forum. Although you have the right to be forgotten on this forum, contents you placed will remain the property of this forum unless otherwise agreed on.      
[b](forgotten  = You have the right to have your account deleted, your name will be deleted from all contents you have contributed to this forum. You do not have the right to have all your contents deleted.)[/b]

05:          You have the right to free speech, this right should be applied with caution, this does not give you the right to insult any member of this forum. 
Free speech is a given right to every body, by making a statement on this forum, you may be asked to backup your claim with some kind of evidence, please comply to this request. You may express your own opinion on this forum, If you do so, please state that this is a personal opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of others.

As you can  see, we don't have many rules, we ask everybody to abide by these rules. Treat your fellow members with the same respect as you would have them treat you. Please keep the forum clean and decent.

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