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Land of the free
Land of the free
I am a great fan of youtube and watch clips from all over world, some time ago I watched a musical clip from Australia. It is a beautiful song and it describes the building blocks of Australia.
The chorus, goes something like this,

Quote:We are one, but we are many.
From all the lands on earth we come.
We share a dream, and sing with one voice,
I am, you are, we are Australian.

 The title of the song is “I am Australian”. It was written by Bruce Woodley in 1987 for the Seekers.
The chorus stayed with me for quite some time, not just because I liked the words, but there seems to be a familiarity with our own history, change the word Australian for the word American, and you would be describing our own history.
Just think, what makes our America great, it’s the people that call America their home. Who are those people? We are the descendents from nations all over the world. Just think, our DNA isn’t American DNA, its international. From all the lands on earth we come
Americans consider themselves to be world leaders, there are a lot of countries that look up to America. America as a nation defend the human writes wherever we can. We help other nations to keep them safe. In other words we are the peace keepers of the world. We help to defend the counties of our descendants. Did you know that a lot of us still have distant family living in these countries.

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